Render, Screed & Plaster Testing

Render, Screed & Plaster Analysis
The most frequent forms of failure encountered in the construction industry are related to mortar, render, screed and plaster. Often the failure is related to an inappropriate mix of cement and aggregate.
These materials usually have organic polymers such as water-proofers, and plasticizers incorporated to give improved workability and controlled setting times. However, incorrect use of these polymers could result in failure.
Failures are also related to inadequate knowledge of the raw ingredients used and poor workmanship, the latter often being the most common cause.
If you have encountered any problems with these materials and require assistance please contact us. We can help you with the following:
  • In-site inspection and detailed investigation into the probable causes of failure
  • Analysis & Identification of deleterious components
  • Identification of organic polymers
  • Identification of generic type of admixtures
  • Identification of binder & aggregate in the mix
  • Determination of mix proportions
  • Surface defects or discoloration
  • Cracking
  • De-bonding
  • Determination of cement content
  • Examination and analysis of surface defects or discoloration
  • Cracking and corrosion of reinforcement
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Spalling of render
Mortar failure in old brick wall