Insulation identification including PIR & PUR

We can test and identify all types of insulation material including PIR and PUR.
Visual identification of insulation as either PUR or PIR is often impossible, however, with the use of Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectroscopy we can identify insulation components and confirm if PUR or PIR are present.
Rigid polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation products are widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, furniture and footwear.
Rigid PUR manufacture involves an exothermic chemical reaction using a polymeric isocyanate compound in the presence of a blowing agent that produces a rigid, closed cell, low density product, with excellent insulating properties due to the high volume of trapped gas.
Rigid PIR manufacture differs from that used for PUR in that the product is produced using an excess of the polymeric isocyanate compound which, in the presence of a catalyst, reacts to form isocyanurate which has greater heat stability.
The resultant PIR insulation products exhibit a greater resistance to fire and higher working temperatures compared to PUR and are therefore often incorporated into building products used where insulation with greater fire resistance is required.
If you have experienced any problems with PIR or PUR insulation or require identification of insulation material please contact us.
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