Adhesives, Sealants and Grouts

Most adhesives, sealants and grouts are based on mixtures of organic polymers which include proteins, elastomers and resins. Although the formulation of these materials is subject to strict batch controls, there are occasions where problems with batching occur resulting in product failure.
The process of adhesion is simple. It involves the formation of a strong bond between two substrates, either through a chemical process or through mechanical bonding. Even in a simple operation such as this problems can frequently occur. Simple discoloration and/or total delamination of substrates have been experienced, and the reasons for such failures are many, from selection of inappropriate products to the application on site.
Sealants and grouts on the other hand are used to fill joints. The prime function of these materials is to provide a effective joint which is durable and may in some situations need to be flexible to accommodate movement.
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Incorrect mixing of polysulphide sealant

Component of cold-setting adhesive

Disintegration of ceramic tile grout